Diocesan Staff

There are a number of staff who carry out diocesan-wide roles. A number of these are based at 1 Colmore Row which is the offices of both diocesan and Cathedral staff.

The Church of England
1 Colmore Row
B3 2BJ

Download a map of how to find us by clicking here.

Other staff with diocesan-wide roles are based at Bishop's Croft and Balsall Heath Church Centre as well as those based in parishes all over the Diocese.

Here's a list of people along with their contact details and the role they carry out. You can also search for people, roles and places by visiting our Directory.

Bishops, Senior Clergy and Staff

Bishop of Birmingham
The Rt Revd David Urquhart
Bishop's Croft, Old Church Road,
Harborne, Birmingham B17 0BG

Chaplain: The Revd Kate Stowe
T: 0121 427 1163
E: BishopsChaplain@cofebirmingham.com

Executive Assistants: Pat Brydon and Mary Rose
T: 0121 427 1163 
E: PatB@cofebirmingham.com  E: MaryR@cofebirmingham.com

Additional members of the Bishop’s support staff:

Public Affairs: The Revd Jessica Foster
E: BishopPolicy@cofebirmingham.com

The office hours are Monday to Friday 0900 to 1600

Bishop of Aston 
The Rt Revd Anne Hollinghurst
The Church of England, 1 Colmore Row, Birmingham B3 2BJ

Support Officer: Nicola Booth
T: 0121 426 0400
E: NicolaB@cofebirmingham.com

Honorary Assistant Bishops
The Rt Revd Mark Santer
The Rt Revd Maurice Sinclair

The Rt Revd Iraj Mottahedeh (T: 01952 813615)

Archdeacon of Aston
The Ven Simon Heathfield
The Church of England, 1 Colmore Row, Birmingham B3 2BJ

T: 0121 426 0428 
E: SimonH@cofebirmingham.com

Support Officer: Jenny Harris
T: 0121 426 0437 
E: JennyH@cofebirmingham.com

Archdeacon of Birmingham 
The Ven Jenny Tomlinson 
The Church of England, 1 Colmore Row, Birmingham B3 2BJ
T: 0121 426 0441
E: JennyT@cofebirmingham.com

Support Officer: Jenny Harris
T: 0121 426 0437 
E: JennyH@cofebirmingham.com

Dean of Birmingham 
The Very Revd Matt Thompson 
Birmingham Cathedral, Colmore Row, B3 2QB
T: 0121 262 1840
E: dean@birminghamCathedral.com
W: www.birminghamCathedral.com

Chancellor of the Diocese
Mark Powell QC
c/o Diocesan Registry, Shakespeare Martineau,
No. 1 Colmore Square, Birmingham B4 6AA
E: registry@shma.co.uk

Deputy Chancellor
John Edwards
c/o Diocesan Registry, Shakespeare Martineau, 

No. 1 Colmore Square, Birmingham B4 6AA
E: registry@shma.co.uk

Registrar of the Diocese 

General Enquiries: registry@shma.co.uk

Vicki Simpson
Diocesan Registry, Shakespeare Martineau,
No. 1 Colmore Square, Birmingham B4 6AA

T: 0121 214 1247
E: vicki.simpson@shma.co.uk

Deputy Registrar: Hugh Carslake
T: 0121 214 0486
E: hugh.carslake@shma.co.uk

Clerk to the Registrar: Georgina Luckman   |   Ruth Meakin
T: 0121 214 0358  |  0121 631 5258
E: Georgina.Luckman@shma.co.uk  |   Ruth.Meakin@shma.co.uk

Diocesan Secretary

Dr Jan Smart 
The Church of England,
1 Colmore Row, Birmingham B3 2BJ
T: 0121 426 0400
E: DioSec@cofebirmingham.com

Support Officer: Nicola Booth
T: 0121 426 0402
E: NicolaB@cofebirmingham.com


(Geographical groups of parishes)


Aston & Sutton Coldfield Deanery
Area Dean: The Revd Ann Richardson 
T: 07341 733553
E: AD.AstonAndSuttonColdfield@cofebirmingham.com

Synod Lay Chair: Mr Brian Scotcher
E: Brian.Scotcher@hotmail.co.uk

Coleshill & Polesworth Deanery
Area Dean: The Revd Becky Stephens
T: 07712 689117    
E: revbeckys@gmail.com

Area Dean: The Revd Dr Al Barrett
T: 07738 119210
E: hodgehillvicar@hotmail.co.uk

Synod Lay Chair: Mrs Allannah Brennan
E: allannahpj@yahoo.co.uk

Area Dean: The Revd Louise Shaw
T: 01827 281349
E: louiseshaw6@yahoo.co.uk

Synod Lay Chair: Mr Roy Baker
E: mabaker99@yahoo.co.uk

Yardley & Solihull Deanery 
Area Dean: The Revd Toby Crowe  |  The Revd Andrew Bullock
T: 0121 743 6336  |  0121 706 9764
E: rector@elmdonchurch.org |  andrewbullock2@blueyonder.co.uk

Synod Lay Chair: Mrs Deirdre Moll
E: d.moll@usa.net

Synod Lay Chair: Mr Stephen Fraser
E: stevef_bham@sky.com


Handsworth & Central Deanery
Area Dean: The Revd Ian Harper   |  The Revd Philip Calvert 
T: 0121 454 0973  |  0121 360 7288
E: harper-i1@sky.com  |  frphilipcalvert@aol.com

Synod Lay Chair: Mr Trevor Lewis
E: trevorlewis5@tiscali.co.uk

Edgbaston Deanery
Area Dean: The Revd Nick Tucker
T: 0121 454 5439
E: nick@edgbastonoldchurch.org.uk

Synod Lay Chair: Mr Jonathan Goll
E: jonathan.goll@blueyonder.co.uk

Synod Lay Chair: Mrs Madge Bartley

Kings Norton Deanery
Area Dean: The Revd Rob Fieldson 
T: 0121 447 7097
E: rob@fieldson.co.uk

Synod Lay Chair: Mrs Jenny Shardlow
E: jenny.shardlow@gmail.com

Moseley Deanery
Area Dean: The Revd Canon David Warbrick
T: 0121 444 0760
E: info@davidwarbrick.co.uk

Synod Lay Chair: Mr Tim Cuthbertson
E: timcuth@aol.com

Shirley Deanery
Area Dean: The Revd Duncan Hill-Brown
T: 01564 772472
E: duncan@stphilipsandstjames.org
Synod Lay Chair: Miss Mary Minchin

Warley Deanery
Area Dean: The Revd Deb Buckley
T: 0121 558 1763
E: debbuckley@phonecoop.coop

Synod Lay Chair: Mr Elden Small
E: eldensmall@yahoo.co.uk

Committees, Advisers and Officers

Bishop's Council
Diocesan Mission & Pastoral Committee
Diocesan Parsonages Board

Chair: The Rt Revd David Urquhart
Secretary: Dr Jan Smart 
T: 0121 426 0400

Director of New Christian Communities: Dr Jon Turner
E: JonT@cofebirmingham.com

Church Buildings and Churchyards
Diocesan Advisory Committee for the Care of Churches (DAC)
(Advises the Diocesan Chancellor, and informally parishes, about changes to church buildings and contents and churchyards)
Chair: Richard Berry

Secretary: Ben Smith
T: 07741 146105 
E: BenS@cofebirmingham.com

Property Director: Daniel Mayes
T: 0121 426 0408
M: 07973 315684
E: DanielM@cofebirmingham.com

Property Support Officer: Richard Hall
T: 0121 426 0409
E: Property@cofebirmingham.com

Care of Churches Officer: Ben Smith
T: 07741 146105 
E: BenS@cofebirmingham.com

Parish Building Surveyor: Andy Jones
E: AndyJ@cofebirmingham.com

Parish Building Surveyor: Jan Bakewell
E: JanB@cofebirmingham.com

Places of Worship Support Officer: Ian Simpson  
E: IanS@cofebirmingham.com

Clergy Spouses


Director of Communications: Fiona Handscomb 
T: 0121 426 0400 
E: Comms@cofebirmingham.com

Digital Content Producer: Joel Wilson
T: 07718388983
E: JoelW@cofebirmingham.com

Head of Communications: Jenny Thurston
E: JennyThurston@cofebirmingham.com

Graphic Designer: Mandy Frearson
E: MandyF@cofebirmingham.com

Film Maker: Chris Keenan
E: ChrisK@cofebirmingham.com

Support Officer: Cara Butowski
T: 0121 426 0439
E: CaraB@cofebirmingham.com

Community Regeneration and Thrive Together Birmingham 
Balsall Heath Church Centre, 100 Mary Street, Balsall Heath, Birmingham B12 9JU 
T: 0121 426 0442

Director of Community Regeneration
Fred Rattley
T: 0121 426 0440
E: FredR@cofebirmingham.com

Jo Bagby

Sarah Turner
E: SarahT@cofebirmingham.com

Jessica Foster
E: Jess@nearneighbours.com

Debbie Browning
T: 0121 426 0442
E: DebbieB@cofebirmingham.com

Bishop's Adviser on Dementia
Rose Akeroyd
E: DementiaAdvisorRose@cofebirmingham.com

Bishop’s Adviser on Disability
The Revd Steve Jones 
T: 0121 460 1173
E: revdstevejones@gmail.com

Education, Schools and Academies

Diocesan Board of Education (DBE)
(Church Schools support, School Improvement, RE advice, School-Parish links, Academies development)

Chair: The Very Revd Matt Thompson 
Vice-Chair: Mrs Pat Saunders

Director of Education
Sarah Smith
T: 0121 426 0419
E: SarahS@cofebirmingham.com

Assistant Director of Education
The Revd Barrie Scott
T: 0121 426 0418
E: BarrieS@cofebirmingham.com

Deputy Director of Education
Charlotte Ward Lewis 
T: 07341 733557
E: CharlotteW@cofebirmingham.com

Religious Education Adviser
Jill Stolberg
T: 0121 426 0422
E: JillS@cofebirmingham.com

Education Support Manager   
Susan Crosthwaite
T: 0121 426 0419
E: SusanC@cofebirmingham.com

Education Support Officer, Admissions and Appeals  
Rachel Raftery
T: 0121 426 0417
E: RachelR@cofebirmingham.com

Standards Committee
Chair: Mrs Jill Saunders

Curriculum and Religious Education Committee (CREC): 
Chair: The Revd Nick Parker

Governors Committee
Chair: Mrs Pat Saunders

Diocese of Birmingham Educational Trust (DBET)
(Overseeing church academies)
Chair: The Very Revd Matt Thompson

Ecumenical relations
(Working with Birmingham Churches Together and promoting relations between denominations)

Diocesan Ecumenical Officer

The Revd Mike Claridge
Tel: 0121 433 5578
Email: mike.claridge@thecotteridgechurch.org.uk

Environmental issues

Bishop's Adviser:
The Revd Patrick Gerard
Tel: 01564 782098
Email: Patrick@Gerard.net

Urban Estates Mission Enabler
The Revd Andy Delmege
Tel: 07769 866162
Email: AndyD@cofebirmingham.com

Finance and Stewardship

Diocesan Board of Finance (DBF)
Finance, Investment and Properties Subcommittee (FIPS)
Chair: Steven Skakel
Secretary: Dr Jan Smart 
T: 0121 426 0400
E: DioSec@cofebirmingham.com

Finance Officers
Melanie Crooks (Director of Finance)
T: 0121 426 0412
E: MelanieC@cofebirmingham.com

Amanda Homer (Finance Manager - Parish Services and Outsourcing)
T: 0121 426 0414
E: AmandaH@cofebirmingham.com

Sonia Hudson (Finance Manager)
E: SoniaH@cofebirmingham.com

Patricia Allen (Finance Officer)
T: 0121 426 0423 
E: PatriciaA@cofebirmingham.com

Charlotte Williams (Finance Assistant - Parish Services & Outsourcing)
E: CharlotteWi@cofebirmingham.com

Steve Cook (Project Manager - Finance Team)
E: SteveC@cofebirmingham.com

Funeral Ministry

Bishop's Advisers:
The Revd Penny Harrison (Aston Archdeaconry)
T: 0121 788 2654
E: revdpenny13@gmail.com

The Revd Canon Janet Chapman (Birmingham Archdeaconry)
T: 0121 477 3111  
E: janet.rectory@gmail.com

Housing for clergy

Property Director: Daniel Mayes
T: 0121 426 0408
M: 07973 315684
E: DanielM@cofebirmingham.com

Property Support Officer:
T: 0121 426 0409
E: Property@cofebirmingham.com

Human Resources

Head of HR: Ben Franks
T: 07341 733555
E: BenF@cofebirmingham.com

HR Support Officer: Chris Booth
T: 0121 426 0446
E: ChrisB@cofebirmingham.com

Interfaith Relations

Director of Interfaith Relations
Dr Andrew Smith  
T: 0121 426 0426   
E: AndrewS@cofebirmingham.com

Liturgical Advisory Group

Chair: The Revd Peter Babington
T: 0121 472 1209
E: pgbabington@gmail.com

Malawi Link

Malawi Officer and Chair of Malawi Committee 
The Revd Paul Bracher 
T: 0121 783 2319
E: malawiofficer@cofebirmingham.com

Parish Mission Support

Director: Liz Dumain
E: lizd@cofebirmingham.com

Support Officers:

Debbie Stamp

Helena Moss
E: helenam@cofebirmingham.com

Growing ministry with children, youth, families & young adults:

Emma Sargeant
E: emmas@cofebirmingham.com

Ruth Young
E: ruthy@cofebirmingham.com

Transforming Church Action Planning:

Damian Herbert
E: damianh@cofebirmingham.com

Growing connections with local schools:

Mike Down
E: miked@cofebirmingham.com

Jill Stolberg
E: jills@cofebirmingham.com

Director of Learning for Discipleship and Mission: The Revd Guy Donegan-Cross
E: GuyDC@cofebirmingham.com

Mission Learning & Development

Mark Berry – Fresh Expressions Enabler
E: MarkB@cofebirmingham.com

Lizzie Gawen – part-time Mission Apprentice Coordinator
E: LizzieG@cofebirmingham.com

Gillian Sheail – part-time Mentors Facilitator
E: GillianS@cofebirmingham.com

Dean of BAME Affairs and Intercultural Mission Enabler (Mission Learning & Development Team) 

The Revd Dr Sharon Prentis
E: SharonP@cofebirmingham.com

Director of Ministry
The Revd Canon Mark Pryce
T: 0121 426 0429
E: MarkP@cofebirmingham.com

Head of Ministry Formation: Paul Hinton
E: PaulH@cofebirmingham.com

Training and Development Support Officers

Marlyce Bryan
T: 0121 426 0448
E: MarlyceB@cofebirmingham.com

Sarah Packwood
T: 0121 426 0435
E: SarahP@cofebirmingham.com

Harriet O'Hara
E: HarrietO@cofebirmingham.com)

Peter Cozens
E: PeterC@cofebirmingham.com

Lynda Hadley
E: LyndaH@cofebirmingham.com

Sam Hudson
E: SamH@cofebirmingham.com

Spirituality Focus Group
Canon John Austen
For enquiries about spiritual direction
E: johnausten151@hotmail.co.uk

Diocesan Music Adviser
Mick Perrier
7 Melbury Close, Kings Heath B14 6BN
T: 0121 604 8218
E: Michael.Perrier49@gmail.com

New Religious Movements

Bishop's Adviser:
The Revd Paul Cudby
T: 01564 742565
E: paul@logos.myzen.co.uk

Pastoral Care of the Clergy

Bishop's Adviser for Pastoral Care of the Clergy and their Families
Catrin Thorp
T: 07918 850183
E: PastoralAdviser@cofebirmingham.com

People & Places

Gary Killeen
People and Places Programme Manager
E: GaryK@cofebirmingham.com

People & Places Support Officer

Reader Ministry

Warden of Readers
The Reverend Canon Catherine Grylls
T: 0121 443 1371
E: CatherineG@cofebirmingham.com

Secretary to the Birmingham Readers' Association
Mike Lynch
E: ReaderSecretary@cofebirmingham.com

Further details concerning reader ministry can be found here.

Retired Clergy

The Revd Rob Morris
T: 0121 247 0355
E: morrisrob4@aol.com

Rural Issues

Bishop's Rural Officer

(Protection of Children, Young People and Vulnerable Adults)

If you have any concerns about individual cases or a person at risk, the Bishop's Advisers for Safeguarding and a team of trained Listeners can be contacted through the Bishop's Chaplain:

Diocesan Safeguarding Adviser: Steph Haynes
T: 07342 993844
E: StephH@cofebirmingham.com

For Safeguarding policies and guidelines, click here.

For help with safeguarding training, policies and procedures and safer recruitment contact:

Safeguarding Training & Development Officer: Claire Wesley
T: 0121 426 0432
E: ClaireW@cofebirmingham.com

Safeguarding Support Officers: 

Sarah Rose
T: 0121 426 0407
E: safeguardingsupport@cofebirmingham.com

Vocations and Ordinands

Diocesan Director of Ordinands
The Revd Calvert Prentis 
E: ddo@cofebirmingham.com

Assistant Director of Ordinands
The Revd Paul Hinton
E: PaulH@cofebirmingham.com

Assistant Director of Ordinands
The Revd Emma Sykes
E: EmmaSykes@cofebirmingham.com

Young Vocations Champion
The Revd Lydia Gaston
T: 0121 430 8367
E: lydgaston@hotmail.co.uk

Workplace Chaplaincy

Churches and Industry Group Birmingham (CIGB)
(An ecumenical charity, based in the Church of England office, coordinating workplace chaplaincy in Birmingham and Solihull, and supporting the churches in the world of work and economics)

Development Director

The Revd Peter Sellick
T: 07746 299676
E: PeterS@cofebirmingham.com

Secretary: Val Dalton
T: 0121 426 0425
E: cigb@cofebirmingham.com