Everyday People Vocations event 2016

Training and development

We run courses and events that help people learn more about particular aspects of their life as a Christian as well as training for people who have a particular role in the Church.

Our Vocations Team help and advise people who think that God might be calling them to serve in a particular way. When Christians talk about ‘vocation’ or ‘calling’ we usually mean God inviting us to choose a particular job or way of life. This could be thinking about ordained ministry (when people become a vicar, bishop or deacon), working in a church as e.g. a youth leader or choosing a job or a role outside of the Church in everyday life e.g. being a parent, a teacher, a carer.

If you want to find out what training we offer within a particular area (e.g. youth ministry, interfaith work, ordination etc.) please visit the Resource Hub.