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Transforming Communities

We work with other organisations and local people to help improve the lives of those in the poorest areas of our city. We care about all people in Birmingham and want to reduce poverty and injustice to help create neighbourhoods that are clean, safe and friendly.

During his time on earth, Jesus had a particular concern for the poor and those on the margins of society. Our Community Regeneration team helps churches to do the same, by encouraging Christians to understand and meet the needs of their local communities.

This could be through setting up a Place of Welcome, providing shelter for the homeless, or making friends with people from different backgrounds to work together for the benefit of our communities, for example.

Find out more

Have a look at the Thrive Together Birmingham website to find out more about the work of the Community Regeneration team, or visit the Community Regeneration section in our Resource Hub for further information and resources. 

Community Regeneration News & Events

Birchfield Job Club: The gift of hope
1 September 2018
Birchfield Job Club: The gift of hope How a church in Birchfield is bringing hope to its community.
The ​Advent Sleepout Challenge
21 September 2017
The ​Advent Sleepout Challenge This Advent we want your support so that, together, we can continue working to bring fullness of life to homeless and marginalised people across England.
​Ingredients For Action: Understanding and Responding to Food Poverty
18 September 2017
​Ingredients For Action: Understanding and Responding to Food Poverty Today Church Urban Fund has ​released research that sheds light on the extent of food poverty in the UK. It shows that 1 in 50 British adults used a food bank in 2016. It also ...
Holiday Kitchen
24 August 2017
Holiday Kitchen ​Holiday Kitchen took place over the summer school holidays at St Thomas' church in Garretts Green. The project provided for families with school age children who really miss the provision of school meals and the ...
The Edgbaston Sleep Out
24 April 2017
The Edgbaston Sleep Out Bishop David will be taking part in the Edgbaston Sleep Out at the Cricket Ground to raise funds for organisations such as St Basil’s and Thrive Together Birmingham to support their work with homeless people.
Church Housing Trust launches booklet to support churches
14 March 2017
Church Housing Trust launches booklet to support churches The ‘How to Help Homeless People’ booklet provides advice for clergy and laypeople on how to help homeless callers and what further action they might take, especially if they do not run any services themselves. ...