Church Buildings

Buildings and belonging

For many people, churches are less about buildings and more about belonging to a community. When Christians talk about being 'part of a church' they are not referring to taking on the role of bricks and mortar or the supporting beam of an ornate roof. This being said, church buildings are often the places where communities of believers (or the curious) find themselves on a Sunday morning or at various other times during the week.

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If you're looking for a church building for a specific event purpose—such as a wedding, baptism, christening, funeral or for Christmas—you can type a postcode into our 'Find a church' search facility.

Find a community

If you're looking, instead, for a community of people who are exploring what it means to be followers of Jesus then you may have to look a bit closer. Your local church building might be a great place to start but Christians will not just be in those buildings on a Sunday, they will be found in your work places, schools and just about every other place you'd expect to find human beings!

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