St Germains

Church Community

The Church believes that everyone has a ministry – that is a part to play in creating a world of love, justice, joy, hope and peace. A world Christians refer to as the Kingdom of God.

For most people their part in building God’s kingdom will be through their employment or voluntary work and through their relationships with family, friends, their neighbourhood and within our global village. Some people are called to full-time ministry within the church and many others combine ministry in a voluntary capacity with employment elsewhere.

All churches rely on an army of volunteers to enable worship to take place and connections to be made with the local community. In his letters to the Early Church St Paul describes the church as a body and reminds us that each part of the body plays an important role and each part should be valued equally.

All churches have Churchwardens and a Parochial Church Council made up of lay people usually including the treasurer, a secretary and other officers. Flower arrangers, cleaners and gardeners all help to create beautiful spaces for worship while musicians, readers, people that lead prayers and people who help give out the communion help during the service. Many churches also have teams of people working with children and young people – helping them to experience and express the love of God in understandable ways. (NB Anyone working with children and young people in the Church of England needs a full CRB disclosure, now known as a DBS).

Some of the more formal lay (not ordained) and ordained roles in the Church of England require training programmes after which you receive a licence for ministry. These include: Church Army Evangelists, Readers, Lay Pastoral Ministers, Monks, Nuns, Accredited Lay Ministers, and Ordained Ministers.

We're all in this together

Whatever our ministry it is important to remember we are all in full time service for God and all our gifts, talents and resources of time and money can be used to help bring healing, hope and love to our broken and hurting world.

Useful contacts

Diocesan Director of Ordinands

Revd Canon Faith Claringbull
T: 0121 426 0446

Bishop's Adviser for Minority Ethnic Anglicans

Revd Joycelyn Lewis-Gregory
T: 0121 426 0444

Bishop's Adviser for Lay Adult Education and Training

Revd Liz Howlett
T: 0121 426 0436