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Safeguarding Policy - God’s Children: Our Diocese

Childhood needs to be a safe space if children and young people are to grow to become confident and compassionate adults and it is the responsibility of us all to ensure that this happens. To this end the welfare of children and young people in all their spiritual, ethnic, cultural and physical diversity will be given priority in our churches.

In 2005 the Church of England - Birmingham produced its policy for safeguarding children – God’s Children: Our Diocese. As well as providing guidance on safe recruitment and procedures for when there is an allegation or suspicion of abuse, the policy also contains advice on how to work safely with children and young people.

The policy is revised on a regular basis and the latest version is available below. If you’re looking for a particular piece of information we suggest you begin by looking at the Contents pages at the beginning of the document which give a comprehensive list of what’s included in each section. Click on a section heading to go straight to that section in the document. Alternatively you can to search for a sub-section number or a particular word or phrase by using ‘Go To’ or 'Find' under ‘Edit’.

Section 1 – Introduction
Section 2 – Recognition of Abuse
Section 3 – Taking Action
Section 4 – Working with Children and Young People
Section 5 – Perpetrators of Child Sexual Abuse
Section 6 – The Care and Counselling of Adult Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse
Section 7 – The Role of the Church
Section 8 – Health and Safety
Section 9 – Promoting Safe Practice
Section 10 – Allegations of child abuse made against a member of the clergy or someone Holding the Bishops’ Licence
Section 11 – Is your church protecting your children and those who work with them?
Section 12 – Protecting children and young people from Drug Abuse