​Hosting Iftars Discussion
30 April 2019 12:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m.

​Hosting Iftars Discussion

Ramadan this year begins around the 5th May, and you may be beginning to think about hosting an iftar. Last year we saw increased numbers of churches and cathedrals doing this nationally. The National Presence and Engagement Team have put together some guidance which takes people through the things they will need to think about. This has been compiled following conversations with a range of clergy about their experiences of hosting iftars, and in consultation with the Christian Muslim Forum.

We will be holding a lunchtime seminar to discuss the new guidelines. Click here to read the guidelines.

This session could be useful if:

  • Your church is considering hosting an Iftar
  • You have been approached by a local Muslim individual or organisation with a request to host an event
  • A group have asked to hire your facilities for an Iftar
  • You are invited to attend Iftars and have questions about them that you would like answering.

Please come along, and contribute to the conversation and share your insights, even if you have hosted an Iftar in previous years. Others will be keen to hear about your experiences. To book a place, please click here

All Saints Church, Small Heath
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