​Israel-Palestine: Grassroots Activism and its role in Peacebuilding
10 March 2019 7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.

​Israel-Palestine: Grassroots Activism and its role in Peacebuilding

Solutions Not Sides (SNS) are proud to be partnering with Near Neighbours Birmingham for an evening of discussion on how grassroots work against the negative momentum of the conflict in Israel-Palestine, and how members of the international community can engage with it in a constructive way, without feeding the polarisation and division that sometimes accompanies the discourse here in the UK.

During the event there will be a chance to hear talks from two young activists - one Israeli, one Palestinian and then there will be space for questions and answers. The evening offers anyone interested in peace in the Holy Lands a chance to hear multiple narratives, understand grassroots activism and ask questions in a safe enough space for honesty and reflection. The famous St Peter's home-baked cakes will be available too.

Click here for details and to book.

St Peter's Church, Highfield Road, Hall Green B28 0BT
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