Vision & Values

Why do we need the Growing Younger initiative?

It’s simple! We formed ‘Growing Younger’ because God loves children and young people in his church and so do we!

Currently half of our C of E churches in and around Birmingham have five children or fewer and we’d love to help that change.

Being part of a loving, vibrant church community where people encounter the love of Jesus is one of the best things anyone can give a child or an adult and so Growing Younger exists to help local churches be just that for the children and families in their area.

We also know that having more children in church is great for adults too. In fact we are all impoverished when they’re not around. Their faith, liveliness, creativity and imagination is good news for the whole church.

Nowhere is this more true than in Birmingham. Birmingham is the youngest city in Europe with 45% of the population aged under 30 yet at present we are failing to reach out to this demographic which is not reflected in our churches. Something has to change.

'From Anecdote to Evidence'

Research on church growth (as seen in a recent C of E report entitled ‘From Anecdote to Evidence’) shows that focusing on the younger generation, which is what Growing Younger is all about, is a real catalyst for growth. In fact statistics show that a church with no children or under 16’s is very likely to be in decline and growth is found where there is a high ratio of children to adults. Some of our churches already have this high ratio and it’s great to see but most don’t. We want to encourage, envision, equip and resource churches to intentionally engage with children, young people and families so they discover the love of Jesus and have an opportunity to respond. This will be good news for everyone!