Growing With God 2019

Saturday 7 March 2020
10am - 3pm

St Peter's and St John's Ladywood

Darnley Rd, Birmingham B16 8TF

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Journeying Together 

Growing with God is our annual celebration and training day for everyone involved in mission and ministry with children, families and this year it also includes those involved with young people too.


We will be exploring the richness of what it means to be an intergenerational church and how nurturing deep connections across all ages, brings blessings and benefits to our parishes and communities.

What intergenerational church means for our contexts and sharing stories about ministry in diverse contexts including urban estates and interfaith parishes.

We will be focusing on how the growth of faith and commitment of children and young people can be fueled by creating natural ways for all generations to live, worship and serve together.

Venue and running of the day

We’re being hosted by St John’s and St Peter’s, Ladywood, and the day will include worship, Keynote speaker, short ‘TED’ style talks, and plenty of time to meet people from other parishes to share your own stories. We have input from across the Church of England Birmingham, supported by a prayer team, and a reflection space.

Resource Hub

The new ‘Resource Hub’ will give opportunities to speak to national and local organisations who resource children’s and youth mission and ministry: they will be bringing resources to look at and things to take away.

Parish Mission Support

There will be time to talk with people from the Parish Mission Support team and have one to one conversations about the way they can support the mission and ministry in your community

Ticket Prices

£20 The Early Bird discounted rate, this ends midday 31st January 2020

£25 – Normal Price.

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Growing with God conference


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