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Training Events

Specific training events for Readers are organised as part of the Readers' Continuing Ministerial Education programme. These are planned by a team made up of Readers and the Bishop's Adviser for Lay Education and Training. There are usually three training days in this programme each year: a Saturday in May (often on a Biblical or pastoral theme), a training day in June or early July for Readers wishing to train for Funeral Ministry, and a Saturday in the Autumn.

In addition to these a number of other training events which are listed below, may be of interest to Readers.

It is helpful to know of training opportunities which Readers around the Diocese have found helpful. If you have news to share on these please let your Assistant Warden or the Warden know.

A Celebration of Reader Ministry 21 July 2019 A Celebration of Reader Ministry

50th Anniversary of Women being Admitted and Licensed as Readers

Funeral Training Day 2019 29 June 2019 Funeral Training Day 2019

This is required training for licensed Readers who wish to conduct funerals

What do we mean by mission? Engaging with the missional role of Readers 6 April 2019 What do we mean by mission? Engaging with the missional role of Readers

Readers are called to serve the Church of God and to work together with clergy and other ministers

​Reader Ministry – Reader Exploration Evening 29 January 2019 ​Reader Ministry – Reader Exploration Evening

Do you know someone whom you might encourage to explore Reader ministry