Supporting Parishes with their Transforming Church Targets

Many of our parishes have made great strides in achieving their Transforming Church Targets, and we are delighted to see congregations moving forward in the seven areas of transformation.

To support and encourage parishes, we are drawing together a team of volunteer consultants and mission accompaniers.

Their role is to work alongside parish communities to:

  • Listen with clergy and people from the parish to discern strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the community they are called to serve.
  • Accompany the parish on the journey, providing the helpful perspective of a ‘critical friend’, prayerful partner and listening ear.
  • Introduce the parish to appropriate resources (including financial resources) to support the process
  • Help the parish come to a clear response to the initiative which is stretching, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-based (SMART).
  • Check in regularly with the parish to offer support and encouragement

We would like to hear from both parishes who are interested in working with a consultant or mission accompanier – and individuals who feel they have specific skills or experience that could be offered to parishes as a consultant or mission accompanier.

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