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Ten Transforming Goals

There are Ten Transforming Church Goals, setting out the Bishop’s vision for the Birmingham Diocese and helping us to share in a broader vision than the purely congregational. These are like the stalactites in a cave: they grow from the top down. Where this initiative will produce the strongest is where the ‘stalagmites’ and ‘stalactites’ grow to join each other and form a pillar.

Goal 1

To grow the number of adults, young people and children within the worshipping Christian community year on year.

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Goal 2

To make the most of opportunities presented by the occasional offices, the church calendar and invitational events such as Back to Church Sunday.

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Goal 3

To develop an understanding of communications in every parish, promoting a church that is visible, welcoming and accessible.

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Goal 4

To develop a spiritually-enriching children’s and youth ministry in every parish and church school, encouraging clustering where appropriate.

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Goal 5

To ensure that a Christian Basics course of some kind is offered in every parish at least once a year.

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Goal 6

To implement in every parish an appropriate strategy for making confident, prayerful disciples in their daily life.

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Goal 7

To encourage an increasing number of worshipping Christians to take tithing seriously, and to give at least 5% of their income to the local church.

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Goal 8

To increase the number, range and spiritual fruitfulness of partnerships and initiatives for social and environmental justice and community building across the Diocese and the world. 

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Goal 9

To increase the number of leaders of all ages, and drawn from every ethnic group, who are trained and deployed in the church and wider community.

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Goal 10

To encourage every parish community to think through the challenges of relating constructively to those of other faiths.

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