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P&P Resources

Below are some resources to help you understand and engage with People and Places (P&P) , our framework for church leadership, ministry and mission.  

'Real Life' Stories

Many key elements of P&P have already been happening in our Diocese for a number of years, such as oversight ministry, context ministry and lay leadership. We spoke to people involved in these areas of ministry to hear about these elements in real life; their challenges and opportunities. Below is Revd Becky Stephens' story of oversight ministry, in the right hand margin there are other videos exploring lay leadership and context ministry.

P&P Framework Booklet

Download the P&P framework booklet here

P&P Prayer

Gracious and merciful God,
as we pray for the future of the Church of England – Birmingham,
we thank you that the whole earth, its people and places, are equally precious to you.
By your Spirit,
equip us to meet the challenges of these times with generosity and courage;
hold our fears and uncertainties in your love,
and grant us the needful gifts of grace to share your love and reflect your light throughout our communities:
in the name of our Saviour, Jesus Christ, Amen.

Common Fund booklet

Download the Common Fund booklet here

P&P PCC Notes

Download the PCC Notes here

Merging Deaneries Step-by-Step Process 

Download the leaflet here

Merging Deaneries Leaflet

Download the leaflet here


Download the P&P Frequently Asked Questions here

Download Useful Questions to Discuss P&P here


Download the paper on oversight ministry

Download Bishop David's paper on 'Being the Church of England - Birmingham Here and Now'

Download the paper on the new deanery structure rationale


Download the 'Introducing P&P' powerpoint presentation

Download the 'Introducing the New Common Fund Formula' powerpoint