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New Christian Communities

Reaching new people, in new places, in new ways.

Supporting parishes of all traditions in all contexts in reaching out to their local communities has always been part of the vision of Transforming Church. It is hoped that this new phase will inspire reflection and activity that reaches new people, in new places, in new ways.

Doing things in a ‘new way’ will mean different things in different places, depending on what is appropriate in each context. Some examples could include:

  • Church plants: Starting a new church in a new area. Sometimes this is appropriate when e.g. new housing developments are built, or there are population changes in an area.

  • Revitalisation: Breathing new life into an existing church. This might include a new ministry structure, a new sense of direction for an existing congregation, or perhaps being joined by a new group of Christians moving from another church.

  • Fresh Expressions of Church (fxC): New Christian communities grown among those with whom the Church finds it hardest to connect. These may grow within distinct cultural groups or within networks of people e.g. ‘church’ in a gym, a pub or at a local park. 

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