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Growing Younger has been a key priority over the past couple of years and continues to be so. We are committed to helping young people, children and families understand more of what it means to be a follower of Jesus. As part of this, the greatly valued work of our Growing Younger Facilitators will continue and be extended, along with the offer of other resources:

  • Schools: Building on the great work that is already going on in our Church Schools, churches will be supported to serve their local schools (Church Schools or not), through projects such as ‘Open the Book’, ‘Prayer Spaces in Schools’ and others appropriate to their context.

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  • Youth: Our original Growing Younger initiative supported work with children 11 and under but this will now extend to include all children and young people. We aim to encourage and help build up both existing and new youth ministry through new posts that will focus on envisioning, supporting and equipping local volunteers and leaders. New expressions of youth ministry will be explored which enable young people to be both rooted in their parish as well as connected with others across the Diocese.

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