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Leadership and Discipleship 

Everyone has a part to play

We are all called by God to loving service in the world and to share the hope we have in Christ. The Church as the Body of Christ needs the gifts of all its members; women and men who are able to live out their faith confidently and creatively, meeting today’s challenges, engaging minds and hearts and being part of the transforming work of God’s Spirit. Our vision is that every Christian will grow as a disciple of Christ and the gifts of a greater diversity of leaders, both ordained and lay, across all backgrounds, ethnicities and ages will be released through resources such as:

  • ‘Jesus-Shaped People’ and ‘Growing Leaders’ courses: These courses have been run over the past few years in a number of contexts within our Diocese, with encouraging feedback. It would be great to see more parishes being equipped to run courses like this, encouraging a new generation of lay leaders that are confident in whole life discipleship.

  • Mentors: Mentoring is vital in leadership developmentand training will be offered for potential mentors in order to build a culture of widespread mentoring across our Diocese.
  • Encouraging MEA (Minority Ethnic Anglican) Leaders: Within our Diocese and across the Church of England in general, ethnic diversity in the church is not well represented. There needs to be more deliberate encouragement of MEA leaders. A course for lay leaders under 40 from MEA backgrounds will be piloted so that we can strengthen the support and leadership training offered to young, minority ethnic Anglicans.
  • Lay leaders. Ordained or not, every person has a calling. As well as increasing ordained ministries, we want to focus on developing lay leaders, seeing every person equipped to share and live out their faith in their daily lives.