The story so far

The story so far...

Transforming Church was launched in 2009 in a memorable service at St Martin in the Bull Ring. The strapline spells out its core mission: to ‘grow churches at the heart of each community’. As such, Transforming Church has always had its heart in local parishes and in all forms of growth: numerical, spiritual and transformational. Seven Areas of Transformation alongside Ten Diocesan Goals have provided the framework for this.

Growing Younger

In 2012, with the help of a grant from the Church Commissioners, we were able to significantly resource Goal 4 and Growing Younger was born. This came out of consultation across the Diocese that showed that children’s and families’ ministry was an area most parishes wanted to prioritise (Birmingham is the youngest city in Europe). The additional resources enabled us to employ nine new Mission Apprentices, 15 Children’s and Families’ Missioners, three Growing Younger Facilitators and to start St Luke’s, Gas Street, a city centre resourcing church.

You can read more about Growing Younger here.

Shaping the Future

In 2016 there was another consultation. Following conversations with Area Deans, Bishop’s Council, Diocesan Synod and others, it became clear that Transforming Church still provided a vision and framework that parishes found helpful, and that more resources to support other areas were needed.

Work began in the spring of 2016 to discern and shape priorities for the next five years, mindful of both local needs and the mission challenges facing the Church nationally. At the start of 2017, we heard that we had been given another significant grant by the Church Commissioners towards this new phase of Transforming Church, which enables us to move ahead more quickly than we might otherwise have done.

You can read more about Shaping the Future here.