Eco Church Awards

A Rocha UK's Eco Church Awards provide a framework and resources for churches who want to demonstrate their commitment to caring for the environment. Actions taken count towards awards at different levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold. 

Find out more about Eco Church Awards here

If you want to find out more about how your church can get involved, you can fill in a simple survey that assesses where your church currently is in relation to the three different levels. You may find you already qualify for an Eco Church Award!

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We are aiming to have 20 churches from the Diocese registered and 10 awarded by the end of 2018. We'd love to encourage your church to join those who have already registered and gained awards.

Environment News & Events

Birmingham Churches: "There's No Planet B"
8 July 2019
Birmingham Churches: "There's No Planet B" Churches around Birmingham are facing the challenges of climate change together.
Environmental  Iftar at St Peter's Church
4 June 2019
Environmental Iftar at St Peter's Church We have held three iftars at St Peter’s in Hall Green since 2015 and each one has been thoroughly enjoyable and memorable. An iftar is the meal held every evening at the end of a ...
On Yer Bike, Global Warming… (Part 2)
3 June 2019
On Yer Bike, Global Warming… (Part 2) John Nightingale completed the 100 mile cycling Velo in 8 hours 33 minutes, much slower than most of the 17,000 entrants who passed him on the way, but in good shape, without aches and pains, ...
Eco Diocese Award Celebration
25 March 2019
Eco Diocese Award Celebration Saving the planet, one church at at time...
On Yer Bike, Global Warming…
28 February 2019
On Yer Bike, Global Warming… Could you cycle as many miles as you have years?... Read on to see why 76 year old John is hoping to cycle at least 76 miles to raise money for a climate justice.
Season of Creation
1 August 2018
Season of Creation We are keen to encourage churches in Birmingham to join this great wave of prayer for the environment.
​Discounts on LED lighting
28 September 2017
​Discounts on LED lighting LED Hut are giving phenomenal discounts on bulbs to Parish Buying members.
​How green is your church?
6 April 2017
​How green is your church? The Parish Buying Service was set up five years ago by the Church of England, with the aim of saving churches money, time and to provide protection in the form of good contracts.
ECO Diocese follow up
17 January 2017
ECO Diocese follow up So far Birmingham diocese is one of only three dioceses who signed so can we be the first to be accredited? We could but only if we have churches committed to being Eco churches.
​Eco-investment Invitation
12 December 2016
​Eco-investment Invitation Power for Good is a registered, not-for-profit Community Benefit Society based here in the West Midlands. We install solar panels on the roofs of churches and other buildings belonging to faith communities, especially in less ...
Birmingham aspiring to be an “Eco-Diocese”
11 October 2016
Birmingham aspiring to be an “Eco-Diocese” On 14 September Birmingham, Canterbury and Chichester, signed up as the first three dioceses seeking “Eco-Diocese” accreditation.
St Peter's Maney is Shrinking the Footprint
15 October 2014
St Peter's Maney is Shrinking the Footprint ​‘Shrinking the Footprint’ has been one of the top Transforming Church Targets for St Peter’s Maney since 2010 and the church has just installed 39 PV panels on their church roof.