3D course (Diocesan course for Developing Disciples)

This is the major programme offered by the Diocese for the development of discipleship and the building of confidence in faith for those who are already established in their Christian faith. It offers Christians the opportunity to meet in small groups to study the Bible, discuss issues of faith and life and to pray together.

Applicants need initially to approach their vicar to ascertain whether the 3D Course is suitable for their needs.

Click here to see the course booklet for 2019-20.

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Target group: Confirmed members of the church, established in their faith and discipleship, ready to explore more deeply faith, gifts and calling, and committed to a lengthy course.

Length of course: 30 weekly sessions from September to June each year, beginning and ending with a Cathedral Service. Can be offered in short blocks for those who cannot commit to a longer weekly course.

Cost: £25 to cover binding and printing of course materials.

Intended outcomes: Increased confidence in faith, clearer understanding of the Bible, awareness of gifts and calling, and openness to the views and experience of others. The 3D course is also a required first step for Readers’ Training and for accredited lay training for Pastoral and Community work in the parish.

Further information available from your vicar/churchwarden or Peter Cozens in the Training & Development Support Team.

T: 0121 426 0429
E: training@cofebirmingham.com