Biblical Examples

What does the Bible say about Vocation?

There are lots of examples in the Bible of people who were called by God. Some were reluctant and didn’t think they were good enough. Most were surprised. For all of them their willingness to say ‘yes’ to God was matched with God’s desire to equip them for the task.

You might like to look at how in these passages:

  • 1 Samuel 3: 1-10 – the call of the prophet Samuel when he was a young boy.
  • Jeremiah 1: 4-9 - the call of the prophet Jeremiah who was not at all sure he was ready.
  • Luke 1: 26-38 - the call of Mary to be the mother of Jesus.
  • Luke 5: 1-11 - the call of the fishermen, ordinary people in the midst of their working lives.
  • John 21: 15-19 - the call of Peter, who not long before had denied knowing Jesus.
  • Acts 16: 14-15 – the call of Lydia, a reminder that God calls women too.
  • Ephesians 4: 1-13 – God calls all kinds of people in the ‘Body of Christ’.