Discipleship and Training

Transforming Church and Training Opportunities in the area of Lay Adult Education and Training

Opportunities in this area are planned as ‘pathways’ of Christian education leading into the 3D course, and out beyond the 3D course into training for various aspects of Christian ministry and service.

3D course (Diocesan course for Developing Disciples)

This is the major programme offered by the Diocese for the development of discipleship and the building of confidence in faith for those who are already established in their Christian faith. It offers Christians the opportunity to meet in small groups to study the Bible, discuss issues of faith and life and to pray together.

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Growing Gifts

The Growing Gifts programme seeks to deepen and develop discipleship through a range of training days, with focuses on study, prayer and practical skills. There is an opportunity to develop pastoral care skills in the autumn workshops.

Target group: those who have completed the 3D course – or who are similarly at a point of growth and ready to explore further.

Length of course: An annual programme of three learning and training events held in Spring, Summer and Autumn (each whole-day event is offered twice, with a choice of dates and venues).

Cost: £15 per day

Intended outcomes: Discernment and development of gifts. Growing confidence and understanding in study, prayer and service.

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Session 1
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Session 3

Learning for Discipleship

This is aimed at those who want to be stretched and challenged in their discipleship through more theological study.

Target group: Non-specialists wishing to begin serious theological study. There are no formal entry requirements – the courses are at present organised in partnership with the Queen’s Foundation and the Methodist Church.

Length of course: 10 weekly sessions in each termly module (each module is free-standing, and students may enrol for one or more as they wish).

Cost: £80 per module, plus £15 for assignments to be assessed.

Intended outcomes: More formal study for those who have completed 3D; in-service development for Readers; opportunities for those who are exploring new directions in study and ministry.

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Target group: this course is designed to be accessible to a wide range of people, including those who may be uncertain about study, or unsure about faith, or regular church members who feel there is still a lot they do not know or understand.
Length of course: 10 sessions, each lasting an hour and a half.

Cost: To be decided by the parish/group hosting the course. (The materials are available from the Diocesan Office to be photocopied by the hosts.)

Intended outcomes: The aim of this course is to offer a fresh look at Christian faith and Christian living, and a stepping stone to further learning.

Mirror – Life and Bible Reflections

This course has been produced with the specific purpose of offering development and engagement for those who prefer ‘non-book’ study.

Target group: small groups based in their local community, wishing to learn more about faith and life and preferring a ‘non-bookish’ style of study.

Length of course: flexible, user-friendly materials for Bible study for up to 8 sessions.

Cost: small cost to cover printing of materials (one folded sheet per session in tabloid/magazine style).

Intended outcomes: ‘We hope that everyone who shares in these reflections will find deeper friendships, greater confidence, and that all are teachers and learners. Above all we hope you will discover God in the everyday things of life and that God is here with us whatever is going on here.

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Working with Adults

This course seeks to resource and equip those who work with adults in learning situations in the church, such as bible studies, small groups and training events.

Target group: those working to enable adults to learn and develop in a range of church-based contexts.

Length of course: currently the course is offered over three two-day residentials – Working with Adults 1 is the first residential; Working with Adults 2 takes place over the other two residentials.

Cost: Working with Adults 1 - £tba and WWA 2 - £tba. The Diocese is able to offer some help with fees.

Intended outcomes: to develop an understanding of how adults learn and skills in facilitating learning. On successful completion of the assignments, a total of 30 credits can be gained.

Offering Worship

This is aimed at those who lead worship in the local church, which is encouraged to review their worship practice and consider issues around All-age Worship.

Target group: The Worship leaders in the local church (including anyone involved in reading the lesson, leading intercessions, leading music or planning services).

Length of course: This is a short course of 9 sessions, plus a visit to another Anglican church to do a worship audit.

Cost: The course materials are in a workbook for each participant (new price to be decided).

Intended outcomes: Increased understanding and skills for helping to lead worship as part of a parish team.