Breakfast Church in Bournville

Fresh Expressions

Many of these churches are what we call “Fresh Expressions”. Fresh Expressions are new forms of church that emerge within contemporary culture and engage primarily with those who don’t ‘go to church”.

  • A Fresh Expression is fresh! New, original, pioneering, innovative, different. A FX is not a re-brand or update to an existing model – it is a NEW thing that has developed because of a particular culture or context. They can be a network or a gathering, and they often don’t look like ‘church’.
  • A Fresh Expression has its own identity. It isn’t a tag-on or optional extra for people already involved in church, nor is it a bridge for those outside the church into joining ‘the real thing’. Fresh Expressions are the real thing for the people they engage with.
  • A Fresh Expression is mainly for people who don’t ‘go to church’.‘Un-churched’ (those who’ve never been) or ‘de-churched’ (those who left for whatever reason) – FXs tend to grow to serve and make a space for these folk.
  • A Fresh Expression journeys with people. They make discipleship a priority – valuing people’s different faith journeys and supporting them as they wonder, explore and encounter.

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