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Intercultural Mission

Birmingham is a vibrant multi-cultural city with a young dynamic population. Although the population is second in size to London, Birmingham is more ethnically and culturally diverse than the capital. As a result, what it means to be a Christ-centred, outward facing community of believers that welcomes everyone is central to our mission in the city. The civil rights leader Dr Martin Luther King wrote that God’s love working in the human heart creates a ‘beloved community’ of diverse believers who challenge unfairness, confront hate and encourages people from all backgrounds to work together to achieve a Christ-centred community. Living well with others is vital to our witness of life in Christ. Every Christian is tasked to reflect the hospitality of God, his love and generosity across boundaries of faith, culture and ethnicity. Intercultural mission recognises, that Christianity is not only local but is tied to a global perspective that goes beyond our local boundaries.

A core commitment for the Church of England - Birmingham is to support parishes in getting to know their neighbours. By promoting intercultural mission, our intention is to encourage encounters that bear witness to the love of Christ and value the image of God in one another. For many parishes, it means understanding the culture and context they find themselves in, if they are to connect well with others. By being earnest in our efforts to connect with others, there is a deep appreciation of all our stories and what God is doing through us.

Intercultural Mission News & Events 

Unconscious Bias: Train the Trainer 11 June 2020 Unconscious Bias: Train the Trainer

This is open to anyone who has previously completed Unconscious Bias Training

Unconscious Bias Training 10 June 2020 Unconscious Bias Training

Explore what affects decision-making and suggests ideas of how to think and act differently.

CANCELLED: Unconscious Bias Training 23 April 2020 CANCELLED: Unconscious Bias Training

This session has been cancelled due to the recent viral outbreak.

Diverse and United 2020 - POSTPONED 21 March 2020 Diverse and United 2020 - POSTPONED

Postponed due to Coronavirus. Please read for more details.

Unconscious Bias Training 28 November 2019 Unconscious Bias Training

Increase our understanding of what it means to authentically relate to one another.

COMPLETE: Intercultural Awareness Training 14 November 2019 COMPLETE: Intercultural Awareness Training

Increase our understanding of what it means to authentically relate to one another.

Sharon Prentis
Intercultural Mission Enabler
Dean of Black & Minority Ethnic Affairs
07741 146152
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Developing Fruitful Intercultural Training

Sharing the Gift is a report for the Bishop of Birmingham on the state and future of cross-cultural training in the Church of England Birmingham. Click here to read the report.