People learning together

Learning Communities

Learning is a crucial part in our journeys of faith. As the start of Proverbs makes clear the wise hear and increase in learning. 

Within The Church of England Birmingham we have a wide array of different contexts and situations and it would be naïve of us to think that one size of church or learning fits all. Therefore we need to support and encourage the different worshipping communities that we have within The Church of England Birmingham to grow together through active learning. From experience learning from each other is often a great way to grow and therefore we want to create learning communities that will support both ordained (clergy) and lay (not clergy) to think through what is happening in their contexts and how they can learn and grow.

The following are examples of Learning Communities that are currently being formed or already up and running:

  • Rural Learning Community – For churches in a predominantly rural setting facilitated by Archdeacon Simon Heathfield.
  • Presence and Engagement Learning Community – For churches in areas where there is a high proportion of other faiths facilitated by Director of Interfaith Relations Andrew Smith.
  • Strengthening Estates Ministry – A group for churches that are within an urban / outer estates context facilitated by Urban Estates Enabler Andy Delmege.
  • Intercultural Learning Community – To support thinking through how we enable all different cultures to be an active part of church life and to flourish and grow. Sharon Prentis, Dean of BAME and Intercultural Enabler will be facilitating this community.
  • Working Class Leaders – For leaders who come from a working class background facilitated by Urban Estates Enabler Andy Delmege.

If you are interested in becoming part of a community or would like to discuss other learning needs please get in contact with Steve Cook.