Older People

Many congregations in the Church of England consist predominantly of people aged over 55 and we seek to recognise the wide range of abilities and potential to be found among our older members and appreciate their positive contribution as well as their needs as they become frail and less able towards the end of life.

We are very grateful to the hundreds of older people who give so much to our churches in a whole range of voluntary roles and add depth and wisdom to our life together as the Body of Christ.

Many parishes have developed services for older people including luncheon clubs, day care and social events.

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    It is clear that there is continuing interest and a growing recognition of the need for awareness of dementia in our churches.

    Listen to this fascinating conversation with John Swinton, Scottish theologian and founder of the University of Aberdeen’s Centre for Spirituality, Health and Disability, full of vital insights about what we must learn from people with dementia about what it means to be human and a disciple of Jesus.

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