The Lord’s Prayer

The Lord’s Prayer shows us what prayer is all about, it sums up faith, it gives us a definition for prayer which is about a relationship with God and gives us a pattern for our praying.

Our Father… we come into a relationship with God, we need God.

Hallowed be your name… we give God our thanks and praise

Your kingdom come, your will be done… we seek God’s will

Give us today our daily bread… we ask for all that we need

Forgive us our sins… we ask to be forgiven and be forgiving

Lead us not into temptation… we ask for strength to resist

Amen… so be it

Listen as well as speak. Give thanks as well as ask for help

Prayer fast forwards us to God. It puts God at the centre of our lives. It allows us to unwind, to listen, to be heard. It allows us to start a conversation. We can be forgiven for the things that have gone wrong. We can always start again with God.

Don’t look for results. Don’t give up when it gets hard.

Everyone finds it hard to make sense of the terrible suffering in the world and still believe in a loving God who hears our prayers. But the Christian faith shows us a God, who, in Jesus shares our life and on the cross suffers with us. God is love sharing our life; God is eternal life, showing us a life beyond this one.

Trying to pray is praying.

Make it a regular daily practice. Use your times of prayer to make your life prayerful. Put God at the centre of your life. Keep it simple and focused. Just start and take this crucial first step in seeing faith as part of your day to day lived reality, something as natural as breathing, as refreshing as water from the spring, as transformative as love.

And remember, God is present even in the darkness.

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