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Safeguarding Adults

In every church there will be adults experiencing greater or lesser degrees of vulnerability at different times. Some adults may have an increased vulnerability due to age, illness, disability or being under the control or coercion of someone else and therefore be less able to protect themselves from violence, abuse, neglect or exploitation. Christian communities should be places where all people feel welcomed, respected and safe from abuse.

For workers and volunteers who lead activities for vulnerable adults we have good practice guidelines and template forms to help you with your work – lone working, pastoral relationships, sharing concerns and more

Adult survivors of abuse may value and be strengthened by the opportunity to speak in depth and confidence to a sensitive listener. The Church of England – Birmingham offers a listening service for survivors who may wish to talk about sensitive issues with a trustworthy stranger without judgement

If you need further support with safe working practice, please contact the Safeguarding Training & Development Officer.

If you have any concerns about a vulnerable adult or you wish to speak to a Listener, please contact the Bishop's Safeguarding Adviser.

Claire Wesley
Safeguarding Training & Development Officer
0121 426 0432
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Steph Haynes
Bishop's Safeguarding Adviser
07342 993 844
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