Intercultural Mission

Intercultural Mission

Developing fruitful Intercultural Training

Sharing the Gift is a report for the Bishop of Birmingham on the state and future of cross-cultural training in the Church of England Birmingham. Cross-, or inter-, cultural training is a key skill for our missional context, both with those of other ethnic and cultural background, but also for anyone in and beyond the church. We hope this will deepen and sharpen our ministry and mission. You can download your copy of the report by clicking here.

From the Bishop of Birmingham, Rt Revd David Urquhart

‘I am deeply grateful to the review group for the work done at my request. My heartfelt hope is that the need for cross-cultural and world mission training across our ‘super-diverse’ city-region for lay and ordained will be fully integrated into the life, priorities and approach of churches, people and Diocese alike.

Our vision to grow many more Christians and more confident Christians will only be realised when our relationships, resources and culture understand and embody the best in cross-cultural exchange. I am excited to commend this report for action!’

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Director of Interfaith Relations
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