Make 2016 a year to remember...

In 2016 we celebrate 50 years of partnership between the Anglican Church in Malawi and in Birmingham. Over the last half a century we have sought to support one another in the work of God in our own contexts, celebrating faith together and showing mutual support in the face of our varying challenges.

To mark the 50th anniversary of the Partnership we want to make a contribution to education in Malawi by funding a girls’ hostel and classroom blocks in the four areas across the country. We are aiming to raise £40,000 towards four vital projects (see below).

We hope that you will consider some creative and fun ways of raising funds and awareness to make a real difference in education across Malawi.

If you have any enquiries or need help with images, videos and other resources, please get in touch:

Update, September 2016

We are so grateful to all who have given and thrilled that by September Birmingham churches and schools had raised about £25,000. A big thank you to all. We have released the first £5,000 to Diocese of Lake Malawi and construction has begun at Ntchisi. Please see the photos below and click here to view the PowerPoint presentation which is regularly updated with photos of the construction.

We hope to give the go-ahead shortly to Southern Malawi to build a block at Trinity Secondary School, Blantyre.

Four vital projects are shown below:

  • “We have a wonderful opportunity, in this special anniversary year, to make a tangible and long-lasting difference in the lives of our partners in Malawi.

    Please join us in ensuring that many more girls and boys have access to good facilities and an education that gives them a hope for the future.”

    The Rt Revd David Urquhart
    Bishop of Birmingham

    Download the Appeal Leaflet here:

  • Montage of Malawi Images
  • Northern Malawi

    Northern Malawi

    A 64-bed girls’ hostel for Msomba Primary School. As the project will cost more than £10,000, co-sponsors will need to be found.

    “Our plan is to invest this support on girls education at Msomba school to level the playing field for equal opportunity in study. If you educate a woman you are educating a nation. Your contribution will provide to our girls a decent accommodation. I believe this will give them a motivation to work hard for they will alway know that we care for them. That they are not alone but they belong to a wider family of the Church of God.”
    Bishop Fanuel Magangani

    Upper Shire

    Upper Shire

    Classroom block – location to be confirmed.

    “Currently, young men and women often have to travel long distances to attend Secondary School. More school places will encourage girls to attain an education thereby addressing issues of early marriage which is rampant.”
    Bishop Brighton Malasa
  • Lake Malawi

    Lake Malawi

    A classroom block for Busi Primary School, Ntchisi. A school of 1,322 learners, some obliged to learn under trees. All school buildings are neglected.

    “Education is really important to our people and the church has a responsibility to give a good quality education to our young people.”
    Bishop Francis Kaulanda

    Southern Malawi

    Southern Malawi

    A classroom block for Trinity Secondary School, Blantyre.

    “There is shortage of classroom blocks, hostels, especially for the girls, who mostly drop out from school because a lot of social and cultural challenges. Constructing a classroom block will enable the school to enroll more students from the surrounding community.
    We are planning to do major works on the infrastructure to face lift the school and also provide conducive environment for learning. Your help is greatly appreciated.”
    Bishop Alinafe Kalemba
  • Supporting the Appeal

    Please give by cheque or bank transfer payable to:
    'Diocese of Birmingham Malawi Fund'
    (Please specify ‘Anniversary Appeal’.)

    The Fund’s bank details are:
    Account Number: 00227288
    Sort Code: 12-05-65

    Or contact: Amanda Homer (click name to email)
    0121 426 0414

    Map of Malawi