New Bishop for Southern Malawi

September 2013

The Diocese of Southern Malawi has elected a successor to Dr James Tengatenga, whose resignation was announced in June. He is Fr Alinafe Kalemba, parish priest of Chirimba, Blantyre since 2010 and very active in leading evangelism teams in the Diocese. Before that he was principal of Leonard Kamungu Theological College since it opened in 2006.

Fr Alinafe has paid tribute to Birmingham for support of all kinds: spiritual, moral, financial and physical. He adds: This is no easy office. Pray with me as we prepare for the consecration processes. There are many challenges. Fr Alinafes consecration will be on 27 October in Blantyre.

Bishop James Tengatenga is due to step down at the end of 2013. However, his invitation to serve as dean of the Tucker Foundation at Dartmouth College, New Hampshire, USA, has now been withdrawn. He is planning to take 3 months study leave at Duke Divinity School in Durham, North Carolina while his future course becomes clearer. Our prayers are with Bishop James at this difficult time of transition.

Bishop James has contributed in many ways to the Partnership with Birmingham. He made a number of much appreciated visits here, speaking at many churches and schools. The Mission Encounter visit here of 12 Malawian church members in 2011 was his original idea.

Bishop James has been at Southern Malawi since 1998. He has brought a wealth of wisdom and experience to the Malawian bench of bishops and has chaired the Malawi Council of Churches. He has been prominent in Malawian public life during much of his ordained ministry and has chaired the Public Affairs Committee, a civil society interfaith organization consisting of Christians and Muslims. He has been a member of the Malawi National AIDS Commission.

The Bishop plays an international role in the wider Anglican Communion as Chair of the Anglican Consultative Council and of its Standing Committee. He plans to continue in these roles until 2016.