St Peter's Maney is Shrinking the Footprint
15 October 2014 by Cara Butowski

St Peter's Maney is Shrinking the Footprint

‘Shrinking the Footprint’ has been one of the top Transforming Church Targets for St Peter’s Maney since 2010 and the church has just installed 39 PV panels on their church roof.

St Peter’s Environment Committee, Eco Maney, first met in May 2011 and almost immediately started to plan for the PV panels to be installed.

The treasurer projected a spreadsheet for a 20 year period and saw the PV panels as a good investment.

St Peter’s is a Grade 2 listed building and this led Eco Maney into detailed discussions with the DAC about how the panels can be attached to the roof by a method that is not damaging and is reversible.

John Heywood, Sec of St Peter’s Environment Committee said that churches looking at such a scheme need to be prepared for the up-front costs for the Energy Performance Certificate, planning permission, structural survey and architects plan. Plus the need to study the English Heritage document on balancing heritage with sustainability.

The estimate is that St Peter’s will generate 9000 kilowatt hours and save 5 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year.

Eco Maney, have been spreading the word about ‘Shrinking the Footprint' by giving talks to all the groups within the church. The committee has set out to inspire the congregation, to make alliances with other churches who share their vision and to work with community groups on these topics.

They also grow Bee friendly plants in the church grounds. In Sept the PCC passed a resolution in support of the General Synod motion to align investments in fossil fuels with previous resolutions.