#Newrevs: The Path to Ordination
30 June 2016 by Fiona Handscomb

#Newrevs: The Path to Ordination

Across the country, 950 men and women will become ordained in the Church of England this year - including 16 in Birmingham this weekend (2-3 July).

Ordination – becoming a priest or a deacon in the Church of England – is a journey into discovering God’s call: What am I here for? Where is God leading me? God speaks to some people very directly to lead them into ministry, but for many it’s a gradual process of exploration. Sometimes it’s a bit of both - as Siobhan in our video describes: a slowly developing confidence marked with “It’s you!” moments. Everybody’s story is different.

Below you’ll hear the stories of three people who will be ordained as deacons in Birmingham Cathedral this weekend. Like others across the country, they come from a range of different backgrounds: a teacher, a youth worker and pub landlord. All ordinary people wanting to serve an extraordinary God.

Our Director of Ordinands, Faith Claringbull, and the Vocations Team are here to guide and advise people interested in exploring ordained ministry, so do get in touch if you think this could be you: vocations@cofebirmingham.com.

Click here for the full list of people getting ordained in Birmingham  2-3 July 2016.

Find out more about Joe Roberts in his blog for the Church of England

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