​National Interfaith Week 13-20 November 2016
6 July 2016 by Cara Butowski

​National Interfaith Week 13-20 November 2016

National Interfaith Week, this year occurs between Sunday 13 and Sunday 20 November, for which the Birmingham Council of Faiths have again agreed to coordinate the Birmingham programme.

The aims of Interfaith Week are to strengthen interfaith relations at all levels; increase awareness of the different and distinct faith communities in the UK, in particular celebrating and building on the contribution which their members make to their neighbourhoods and to wider society; and to increase understanding between people of religious and non-religious beliefs.

In 2015 many kinds of organisations organised 12 very different activities in Interfaith Week. This year, we are keen to encourage even more organisations to take part, including faith communities; places of worship; community and voluntary groups; interfaith bodies; youth groups; education institutions; hospital chaplaincies; museums; City Council and businesses.

Some of the activities which have been successful in the past include interfaith discussions on topics of interest; exchange visits between different places of worship; open days in places of worship; interfaith walks visiting different faith buildings en route; events focusing around food; faith school open days; Student Union events to consider the environment or other topical subjects; seminars focusing on health issues; and many more.

We are keen to ensure that activities are coordinated to avoid duplication and that they are publicised, including insertion on the Birmingham Faith Map, and appropriate websites. 
It is not too early to start thinking about organising an activity. Please contact us to discuss your suggestion, or if you are at the planning stage please send us details 
Dr Peter & Mrs Jean Rookes
Birmingham Council of Faiths
c/o BVSC, 138 Digbeth, B5 6DR
E: pjrookes@gmail.com  T: 0121 477 2282 or 077 033 360 88.

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