ECO Diocese follow up
17 January 2017 by Cara Butowski

ECO Diocese follow up

At an official launch on 20th October Bishop David signed to commit the Birmingham Diocese to aspire to be an Eco Diocese, having done so previously at a national meeting on 14th September.

So far Birmingham Diocese is one of only three Dioceses who signed so can we be the first to be accredited? We could but only if we have churches committed to being Eco churches.

Has your church taken up the challenge?

Please can you let me know your situation. Maybe you have gained an ECO church award already; maybe you are not even aware of the award or maybe your church is somewhere in between these situations. But whatever you position please can you reply to to Beryl Moppett. It is important.

St Peter’s Maney already have the bronze award and ECO Maney, St Peter’s ‘green’ team have offered their help and experience. Contact John Heywood to get in touch. Please do read Di’s article (click here). Hopefully you will have seen this already as it has been circulated across the Diocese.

Google ‘Eco church’ to find the assessment questionnaire that is very straight forward to use. You can complete it as many times as you like before registering to get an award. So if you haven’t done so why not try it before you reply to me.

I am looking forward to hearing from all of you

Beryl Moppett