Asian Alpha
24 January 2017 by Helena Kittle

Asian Alpha

A team of people from Aston Parish Church have just finished running their second ‘Asian Alpha’ course, having had a wonderful and fruitful time including three resulting baptisms. The team have contextualised a traditional Alpha course to make it culturally relevant for those in their community who wanted to know more about the Christian faith. 

As well as the key feature of gathering round food, here’s four simple things they did:

1.Instead of showing the Alpha videos, they downloaded the transcripts of Nicky Gumbel’s messages from the website and then substituted in the stories and examples from their own experiences that would be more relevant to their cultural setting, alongside his teaching.

2.They ordered material from Alpha India so they could provide resources for attendees in their own languages such as Punjabi & Gujarati (not available in the UK).

3.Each session was bilingual – delivered in English and another language.

4.The discussion times made space to unpack in greater depth some of the issues which are more prevalent in or relevant to that culture e.g. the nature of evil and healing.

What would it look like to contextualise an Alpha course for your community?