Live Lent with Christian Aid: Into the Wilderness
9 February 2017 by Cara Butowski

Live Lent with Christian Aid: Into the Wilderness

All of Jesus' teaching came down to two basic commandments - love God and love your neighbour. They sound simple enough, but in practice we often struggle. With seven billion people to count as our neighbours on this earth, how can we love those who are far away?

Live Lent with Christian Aid is one way to start. For each day of Lent, it offers a simple reflection and a practical suggestion for living out Jesus' commandments.

Illustrated with beautiful images of Christian Aid's work around the world, it shows how, by daily choices and simple actions, we can make a real difference and help to bring in the kingdom of God.

This is a single copy with new actions for 2017. It is undated and may be used in any year.

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