More In Common
20 June 2017 by Fiona Handscomb

More In Common

"We have far more in common than that which divides us..." 

This famous quote from late MP Jo Cox's maiden speech in Parliament has never had more resonance. Brexit, Trump, terror attacks, elections and the Grenfell Tower disaster have all served to highlight the divisions in our society. So what better way to remember Jo than getting together with others in our diverse city and celebrating what we have in common? Here are just two ways that we did this in Birmingham:

 A Dove For Jo 

As part of the national Great Get Together weekend, Birmingham Cathedral hosted A Dove for Jo; where people were invited to make origami doves to hang from the trees surrounding the Cathedral. Some wrote messages of peace on their doves, before tying them to the trees, accompanied by live music from local musicians.   

The Big Iftar

St. Peter's Church in Hall Green co-hosted a Big Iftar event along with the Amirah Foundation, attended by the Bishop of Birmingham. The event, which celebrates the breaking of the fast during Ramadan, brought together Muslims, Christians, asylum seekers, refugees and Hall Green locals to build friendship, eat together, pray and discuss all we have in common.

Find out more about the event by watching this video by the Amirah Foundation: 

Many other events took place around Birmingham as part of the Great Get Together celebrations. The Birmingham Mail listed events that took place here.