​Discounts on LED lighting
28 September 2017 by Parish Buying

​Discounts on LED lighting

Available for all CofE churches, Dioceses and Cathedrals, the Parish Buying Service have a new lighting supplier ‘LED Hut’. They are giving phenomenal discounts on bulbs to Parish Buying members, and we are encouraging all churches to replace their old-style halogen bulbs with LED’s because:

  • they use up to 90% less energy than traditional lighting sources, with 90% less heat for the same light output
  • which means up to 90% lower electricity bills than traditional lighting sources
  • LED bulbs fit existing light fittings
  • no mercury is used in manufacture unlike the previous generation of low wattage CFL bulbs
  • the bulbs have an average life of nearly fifty times more than a traditional incandescent light bulb and over six times more than compact florescent bulbs, which means less frequent bulb replacement, which means much less greenhouse gas produced in manufacture, distribution and installation

LED Hut offer free next day delivery, and a free site survey for churches that request it.

To use the discounted pricing, churches (and Cathedrals or Dioceses) simply need to register for free with the Parish Buying Service. They can then create a LED Hut account to view the products and seek advice, if needed, on what to buy.