​Minworth is celebrating the arrival of a brand new congregation
5 December 2017 by Cara Butowski

​Minworth is celebrating the arrival of a brand new congregation

St John's at Minworth has been in the planning stages for over a year at nearby St John's in Walmley but the new congregation has now begun to take its place in the Minworth community and shares the existing building of St George the Martyr with the goodwill of its Vicar, Father James Cope. The new congregation meets every Sunday afternoon and Fr James writes: “Ade and his congregation are proving to be very good partners, and it is good to see the beginnings of a practical working out of mutual flourishing.”

The Bishop of Birmingham, David Urquhart, led the celebrations for the new venture in a processional walk from Walmley to Minworth on 23 September that involved a large number of existing parishioners from Walmley.

The new congregation is led by the Revd Ade, Church Planting Associate Minister and a team of 16 adults and 12 children, who have already begun connecting with existing community groups and schools about the project.

"There is so much potential here in Minworth for folk of all ages to share in what we hope will be a vibrant and engaging congregation" said Ade, who knows the area well having been curate in nearby Walmley for the past three years. "Meeting at 4pm also ensures that those families who already have commitments on Sunday mornings can come at a time that suits them. We are also really looking forward to forming partnerships within the community as we seek to serve the people of Minworth and beyond."

Services have been taking place every Sunday afternoon from the beginning of October. "We’re still very much at the beginning, the only comparable feeling I can think of is like having a new born baby," says Ade. "It is so exciting to see this new plant growing, and it’s bringing immense joy, but at the same time it feels fragile and needs nurturing. I remember with my first child I even wondered at times what on earth I was doing as it felt outside of my comfort zone! I think as a team we have all experienced these types of feelings thus far, but it’s always a good reminder for us to stay focussed on God and his plans, and to be reminded that God doesn’t call the equipped but he equips the called. Please continue to pray for us as we enter the Christmas season and for the missional opportunities that are opening up."

St John’s @ Minworth meet every Sunday afternoon at 4pm. For more information contact ade@stjw.org.uk or visit their Facebook page.