Flex: Youth Work Learning Pathway
2 July 2018 by Liz Dumain

Flex: Youth Work Learning Pathway

Flex is a new way of learning, with a focus on growing your skills, gifts, faith and experience.

Flex is full of variety offering all kinds of learning in lots of styles.

Flex is flexible: start when you like and learn at your own pace.

Flex is ‘you-shaped’: you can put together the learning that you need depending on how much experience, and time you have.

Flex shapes around you, your experience, your gifts and what you want to learn.

Flex: Youth Work Learning Pathway

Soon you will be able to sign up to be a ‘Flex Learner’. You’ll meet with a Flex learning mentor and talk about the experience you already have, new things you’d like to learn, how much time you have and the ways you learn best. There are loads of Flex for youth work learning opportunities to choose from, so together you’ll create a Flex learning plan to get you started. There are all sorts of things to choose to learn about: you might choose setting up from scratch, first steps in youth work, growing in your faith, thinking theologically about youth work, discovering your gifts, different ways of praying, being a leader, understanding your parish context……….. and lots more. There are films to watch, sessions to come to, books to read, people to talk to and all kinds of other ways of learning………

How can I find out more?

Contact Liz Dumain LizD@cofebirmingham.com to register your interest or find out more