Bishop's Youth Synod - The Return...
24 July 2018 by Emma Sargeant

Bishop's Youth Synod - The Return...

On Saturday 14th July, 14 young people and youth workers from parishes across the Church of England Birmingham gathered with Bishop David for the second meeting of the Bishop’s Youth Synod. The day was filled with exciting conversations of our aspirations for this city and its church communities.

Bishops Youth Synod notesFollowing on from the first meeting where the theme was ‘Finding God’s heartbeat for your community’, each parish brought along an object that the young people felt described their culture or community. The young people shared their experiences and hopes for their communities through the objects which varied from cuddly toys to photos of their local area. The discussion that followed was led by Mark Berry, the Fresh Expressions Enabler, and was focused on questions including ‘How does church reflect culture?’, ‘What distinguishes church community from the wider community?’ and ‘How do we “do church” that makes a difference?’ In response, the young people shared perceptive comments that inspired, encouraged and challenged us to risk being transformed and lead the transformation.

Bishops Youth Synod second meetingOf course, there was also pizza and sweets and great conversations over lunch as we got to know each other better. Our next meeting is September 22nd at Bishops David’s house where we will look further at what we can do in our local communities that reflects God’s heart for them and perhaps brings something new and fresh.

If you are a young aspiring leader, or know people in your church who would love the opportunity to be stretched in their faith and context, Bishop’s Youth Synod might be the place for you! Please contact Emma Sargeant, Youth Project Manager for more information.