Season of Creation
1 August 2018 by cofebirmingham

Season of Creation

In recent years more and more Christians from more and more denominations have been taking prayer and action for the environment ever more seriously. In June this year many European Christian leaders, including the Archbishop of Canterbury, signed a letter in support of a 'Season of Creation'; an annual period of worship, prayer and action in support of the environment.

The Season of Creation* starts on 1st September, which has been designed as a World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation by Catholic and Orthodox Churches. It runs until 4th October, St Francis Day, St Francis being famous for his love of creation expressed perhaps most familiarly in his Canticle of the Creatures.

We are keen to encourage churches in Birmingham to join this great wave of prayer for the environment. For example, churches could hold a special Season of Creation service within the period, or they could pray particularly for the climate at Harvest Festival services.

The Church of England, nationally, has made available a whole host of resources to help churches to pray for the environment through the Season of Creation. See:

In Birmingham, the Revd Canon Peter Babington has put together some notes to help with the design of Season of Creation services, which you can download from here.

On 1st September our Praying Together booklet will invite us to join our prayers with others throughout the world in the Season of Creation.We hope it can be widely supported and that the Lord of all creation will help humanity to address the challenges of climate change.


* The 'Season of Creation' is an emerging ecumenical term for what the CofE has usually called 'Creationtide'.

Photo by Jacob Dyer on Unsplash