The Debt Saviours
24 September 2018 by Cara Butowski

The Debt Saviours

BBC2 will be airing their documentary The Debt Saviours featuring Christians Against Poverty at 9pm on Friday 5 October. The programme focuses on how CAP and the UK Church are caring for the poor and rescuing people from debt across the UK.

This documentary powerfully demonstrates the positive impact of the church on our communities, and the way that Jesus shines through Holly and Gareth’s stories (you’ll meet them soon) is just extraordinary. Click here for details.

This Sunday, 30 September, will your church stand with us in prayer for this opportunity? Click here to download a prayer letter that we would love for you to use at your Sunday service.

Don’t miss this unique chance to join with thousands of churches across the country, believing that God can use this programme for his glory.