Energy saving and light bulbs
24 October 2018 by Cara Butowski

Energy saving and light bulbs

I’m sure you would be interested to know about some savings in both carbon and money made by All Saints, Kings Heath and St Hilda’s Warley Woods when they changed over to LED lighting. Both churches have made significant reductions to their lighting costs, with the savings at All Saints estimated to be 60%.

Is this something your church might also benefit from?

Depending on your current lighting system, changing to LED’s can make a big difference. Both All Saints, and St Hilda’s were using the old-fashioned incandescent light bulbs until they changed to LED’s

If you are using compact fluorescent, or even newer traditional-style tube fluorescents, there are still savings to be made by changing to LED bulbs, but they will not be as large.

The savings result from using less electricity, and also from lower replacement costs as a good quality LED lightbulb will last for many hours longer than an incandescent bulb. The infrequency of replacing the bulbs is also a big incentive for those who have to scale great heights in a church building to access the lights!

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