USPG Advent Prayer Card and resources
5 November 2018 by Cara Butowski

USPG Advent Prayer Card and resources

As you light your Advent candles, USPG invite you to join in praying for the world church as it responds to the needs of the people and communities it serves.

We remember the plight of mothers and babies around the world, many of whom struggle with ill health and little access to health services. 

In Ghana, Gloria (pictured middle) benefited from the Diocese of Cape Coast’s Integrated Health Programme, which is supported by USPG. Children in Gloria’s village were often falling sick. Then the Diocese ran a workshop to explain the importance of washing fruit and vegetables bought at market and washing children’s hands before meal times. Gloria’s children became healthier – and the incidence of waterborne diseases in her village fell dramatically.

Your Advent gift to USPG could bring health and hope to mothers and babies around the world. Please make a donation and change a life. Click here for details.