‘MaintenanceBooker’ - maintenance services to church buildings
14 November 2018 by Ben Smith

‘MaintenanceBooker’ - maintenance services to church buildings

From June 2018, the National Churches Trust’s ‘MaintenanceBooker’ was rolled out across England and Wales, following a successful pilot in Yorkshire. PCCs can use the MaintenanceBooker service to receive online quotes from qualified and approved contractors for essential maintenance services to church buildings (such as the clearance and repair of gutters and downpipes, tree work, asbestos management, and repairs to lighting conductors and stonework). PCCs could also be eligible for micro-grants of either £250 or £500 towards the cost of gutter clearance works that are booked through the system. Click here to visit the MaintenanceBooker website.

MaintenanceBooker is an important initiative that aims to give all PCCs easy access to contractors who can carry out regular maintenance to ensure that churches remain in a stable condition in the long term, reducing the risk of the need for expensive major repair works arising unexpectedly, and we would encourage all PCCs to explore and consider the services available. The Diocese of Coventry is hosting a workshop on using MaintenanceBooker shortly, which will take place in central Coventry on Monday 3 December. Click here for details of joining the workshop

Further resources

Information and guidance on managing, maintaining and developing your church can be found on CofE - Birmingham website, click here  and on the Church Care website, click here. These websites include details on a PCC’s Statutory Compliance responsibilities, which are designed to ensure that church buildings and sites are a safe and welcoming environment for worshippers, users and visitors.

The Diocese’s Property Team is available to provide a wide range of support to PCCs in relation to their various buildings, which are detailed below:

Daniel Mayes: Director of Property
danielm@cofebirmingham.com, 0121 426 0408

In addition to providing advice on clergy houses and residential property, Dan has a wider remit to give assistance and support on the development of construction-related projects for church buildings and church halls, including the development of strategic project briefs, feasibility studies, project programmes, business cases, contract management, and the appointment of consultants and contractors. Dan can also provide guidance on commercial property and land development, including on statutory compliance matters and suitable contacts to help with managing, leasing, developing and selling real estate.

Richard Hall: Property Officer
richardh@cofebirmingham.com, 0121 426 0409

Richard is contactable for all queries relating to clergy housing, including the management and carrying out of maintenance, scheduled development and emergency works.

Adrian Mann: Care of Churches Officer
adrianm@cofebirmingham.com, 0121 426 0405

Adrian is available to give guidance and support on the management, maintenance and development of all church buildings and churchyards, and on the Faculty permission system for carrying out works to them. Adrian is also able to provide advice to PCCs on the processes involved in its seeking to buy, sell or lease property, or in approaching formal pastoral reorganisation (such as changing parish boundaries, uniting parishes or forming group/team ministries, or converting church or churchyard land to another use).

Ben Smith: Historic Places of Worship Support Officer
bens@cofebirmingham.com, 07741146105

Ben can give both general and close support to PCCs working to ensure that their listed church buildings are well maintained and sustainable in the long term. In addition to offering practical, on-the-ground advice on management and development projects for church buildings, Ben can also provide support in planning grant applications to various funders.

We are also seeking to recruit a Church Buildings Surveyor through a Strategic Development Fund application to the Church Commissioners, to work with parishes more widely on their building maintenance and statutory compliance needs.

We hope that you find these resources helpful.