People & Places: Supporting Church Buildings
14 November 2018 by Ben Smith

People & Places: Supporting Church Buildings

People & Places (P&P) is a new framework for church leadership, ministry and mission. Open and accessible places of worship that provide welcome, worship and mission for the whole of their communities will play a vital part in supporting this ministry.

To help us understand how we can best support clergy and PCCs in sustaining their places of worship and extending their welcome through P&P, we would be very grateful if you would fill in the following short survey, accessible through the link below. 

The survey contains 14 statements and will ask whether you agree or disagree with them, slightly or strongly. If you are responsible for more than one church building, please could you complete a separate survey form for each church. The survey can be completed in consultation with other church members, but we request that only one form is completed per church building. 

Your feedback will help us identify what further resources for places of worship could be provided collectively at either a deanery or diocesan level under the new P&P framework. It will also help us assist individual PCCs in managing and maintaining their church building and carrying out their statutory responsibilities.

Click here to fill in the survey.