Bishop's Comment: ​‘Unknown unknowns’
5 December 2018 by Bishop David Urquhart

Bishop's Comment: ​‘Unknown unknowns’

‘Unknown unknowns’ is a phrase used in strategic studies. It might as well be used for Westminster politics as we ponder Brexit debate outcomes.

People of faith are used to dealing with certainty and uncertainty, with what is known and what is not yet revealed clearly. As we pray for politicians and for the present and future prospects of our nation how shall we think and speak and act.

In the Christian season of Advent we remember with thanksgiving all that God has done in the sweep of turbulent and disruptive events throughout history. We also reflect on God’s desire for relationship with Creation and human beings in particular.

The known facts of Jesus Christ, particularly his birth on earth, are rehearsed at Christmas. His suffering, death, resurrection and ascension are recalled at other times in the year. The truth of our trust in his promise to return and reconcile all things in heaven and on earth is tested day by day as we live out these knowns.

How shall the faithful behave in these Advent days of Unknowns? We may:

Wait on God in prayer interceding for leaders and those in power; Watch for opportunities to serve especially those directly affected by Brexit; Worry constructively about realistic ideas for a renewed society; Wonder at the abundance of God’s provision in UK and ensure it is shared fairly; Willingly join in building cohesive communities in our spheres of influence.

So there is much we know to be getting on with.

As might be heard in the Palaces of power’ a Known Known ‘Lift up your heads O gates; be lifted up you everlasting doors; and the King of glory shall come in’