From Moseley to Moria: Helping Refugees Survive the Winter
18 December 2018 by Joel Wilson

From Moseley to Moria: Helping Refugees Survive the Winter

The pupils, parents and teachers at Moseley C of E Primary School made the single largest contribution to a Refugee Winter Appeal. The school’s contribution is helping to weigh down a truck packed with winter clothes, sleeping bags and tents, which has just set off for Moria, the largest refugee camp on the Greek island of Lesvos.

After returning to Moseley from a week volunteering in Moria with Global Aid Network and seeing the desperate situation first-hand, Danielle Wilson approached local schools, churches and community groups to contribute. Danielle, a communications director and activist says: “The response was immediate and overwhelming with schools, churches and community groups, not to mention large numbers of individuals, contributing.”

The donations have been sorted and packed by Global Aid Network volunteers into over 500 boxes.Today the boxes and many sturdy tents are making their journey from Birmingham to Moria. Included amongst the donated supplies are large UN-style tents that were actually used in Tom Cruise’s most recent Mission:Impossible film.

There are three refugee camps on Lesvos. Moria is the largest with about 6,000 people in a camp built for 3,000. The refugees are from Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen and parts of Africa – all fleeing from violence or persecution. Many are living in makeshift, overcrowded tents and housing structures, without enough resources to keep them warm and dry. Many families with small children live in these inhumane conditions.

The winter gear, sleeping bags and tents will help refugees be a bit warmer and dryer this winter. We pray that they will know in some small way that there are those out there who believe deeply that they matter.

You’re welcome to contribute to the cost of the truck. A gift of any size will help.